Below is the course schedule for the Spring 2016 semester.

More information on these courses can be found on Registration for these courses can be done through the registration form on the before mentioned website. Only Coding Theory will have a course-site here, as it will be given in Eindhoven, and the videos of the lectures will be posted here. Registration for this course is, for now, still through the other mastermath site.

Spring 2016 (weeks 6 - 21) Exams in weeks 23/24/25/26 2016
place day time course lecturers
UU Monday 10:00- 12:45 Stochastic Differential Equations W.M. Ruszel (TUD) & P. Mandal (UT)
UU Monday 13:15- 15:00 Spatial Statistics M-C van Lieshout (UT)
UU/UT Monday 13:15- 16:00 Applied Finite Elements F. Vermolen (TUD)
UU Monday 11:00- 12:45 Scheduling T. Vredeveld (UM) & J. Hoogeveen (UU)
UU Monday 13:15- 15:00 Advanced Linear Programming L. Stougie (VU) & M. vd Akker (UU)
UU Monday 15:15- 17:00 Queueing Theory J. Resing (TUe) & I.J.B.F. Adan (TUe)
UU Monday 13:15- 15:00 Infinite Dimensional Systems A. Ran (VU) & H. Zwart (UT)
UU Tuesday 10:00- 12:45 Continuum Mechanics J. Dubbeldam (TUD) & A. Muntean (TUe)
UvA Monday 10:15- 13:00 Category Theory and Topos Theory J. van Oosten (UU)
UvA Monday 14:00- 16:45 Model Theory B. vd Berg (UvA)
VU Tuesday 10:15- 13:00 Variational Methods J. Hulshof (VU) & G. Prokert (TUe)
VU Tuesday 14:00- 16:45 Partial Differential Equations J. Hulshof (VU) & H.J. Hupkes (UL)
UU Tuesday 10:15- 13:00 Algebraic Geometry D. Holmes (UL) & R. de Jong (UL)
UU Tuesday 14:00- 16:45 Modular Forms P. Bruin (UL) & S. Dahmen (VU)
UU Tuesday 10:15- 13:00 Semidefinite Optimisation E. de Klerk (UvT) & M. Laurent (CWI)
UU Tuesday 14:00- 16:45 Algorithms beyond the Worst Case D. Dadush (CWI) & B. Manthey (UT)
UvA Wednesday 10:15- 13:00 Riemann Surfaces H. Posthuma (UvA)
UvA Wednesday 14:00- 16:45 Lie Groups E. vd Ban (UU)
VU Wednesday 10:15- 13:00 Stochastic Processes F. Spieksma (UL)
VU Wednesday 14:00- 16:45 Time Series S. Gugushvili (UL)
UU Wednesday 10:15- 13:00 Numerical Methods for Stationary PDEs R. Stevenson (UvA)
UU Wednesday 14:00- 16:45 Introduction to Numerical Bifurcation Analysis Y. Kuznetsov (UU)
UU Woensdag 18:00- 20:45 Toegepaste wiskunde (leraren) M. Anthonissen (TUe) & J. ten Thije Boonkkamp
VU Thursday 10:15- 13:00 Computational Dynamics (NDNS+) J.B. vd Berg (VU) & C. Reinhardt (VU)
VU Thursday 14:00- 16:45 Topics in Algebraic Surfaces (GQT) M. Kool (UU) & M. Shen (UvA)
TUe Thursday 14:00- 16:45 Coding Theory R. Pellikaan (TUe)
VU Friday 14:00- 16:45 Set Theory KP Hart (TUD)
UU Vrijdag 14:00- 16:45 Geschiedenis (leraren) J. Daems (HU) & S. Wepster (UU)
UU Vrijdag 10:15- 13:00 Algebra/Getaltheorie (leraren) W. Bosma (RUN) & J. Top (RUG)
UU Vrijdag 14:00- 16:45 Stochastiek (leraren) E. Cator (RUN) & C. Kraaikamp (TUD)