This is an online course.

This version of the course runs as a semester-long course based on the video lectures of 2MMC10, a course offered at TU/e. The homework submission dates are adjusted accordingly.

Please note, mathematics students at TU/e cannot take this course as a Mastermath course.

Algebra (knowledge of groups, rings, fields, finite fields). These will not be presented as part of the course. Please check that your knowledge includes the following "Number Theory and Algebra" script

Aim of the course
Knowledge of all modern standard techniques (both symmetric as asymmetric) for the protection of data against unauthorized thirds. Also acquiring the mathematics that is necessary for the design of such systems or for the evaluation of its strength.

Homepage for the course is

Rules about Homework / Exam

There will be a final exam, dates are still being determined and will be posted on the course homepage.

You can earn up to 1P for the final mark through the homework. Please hand in your solutions in groups of 2 or 3, we do not have the capacity for individual corrections. Please submit your solution on time by email to crypto.course (at)

For all details see the course page.

The exam will take place at TU Eindhoven on 23 January 2018.