Basic knowledge of probability at the level:

S.M. Ross, Introduction to probability models, 9th edition, Academic Press, 2007 (chapters 1-3).

Aim of the course

To provide insight in the theory of queueing models. The following subjects will be treated:

- Fundamental queueing relations (Little's law, PASTA property)

- Markovian queues (M/M/1 queue, M/M/c queue, M/E_r/1 queue)

- M/G/1 queue and G/M/1 queue

- Mean value technique

- Priority queues

- Variations of the M/G/1 queue

- Insensitive queues (M/G/c/c queue and M/G/infinity queue)

Rules about Homework / Exam

Written exam: 80% of final grade

Homework assignments: 20% of final grade

    Lecture Notes / Literature

    The course material consists of the lecture notes on Queueing Theory, written by Ivo Adan and Jacques Resing of the TUE. It contains all material for the course, as well as many relevant exercises, and most answers/solutions.

    The lecture notes are freely available as a pdf file at In case you want to print the lecturenotes, you maybe want to skip pages 123-180, as these contain the solutions to the exercises.