Basics of linear algebra, finite groups and fields, probability theory, preferably also the Mastermath Cryptology course as taught in Fall 2017 (see

Aim of the course

To provide insight into

  • the design of symmetric cryptography:
    • permutations and blockciphers: linear, differential and higher-order differential cryptanalysis, wide trail strategy, the importance of alignment;
    • modes: sponge, duplex etc., both keyed and unkeyed.
  • public key cryptanalysis:
    • classical cryptanalysis: factoring and (finite field and elliptic curve) discrete logarithms analysis, index calculus, quadratic sieve, number field sieve;
    • special cryptanalysis: Coppersmith methods and other lattice based attacks, fault injection, all-pairs gcd computation, etc.
    • cryptanalysis of lattice-based systems: enumeration, sieving, locality based hashing, attacks on ideal lattices, etc.

Rules about Homework / Exam

written exam

    Lecture Notes / Literature

    will be handed out electronically


    Joan Daemen (Radboud U. Nijmegen), Benne de Weger (TU/e)