The mastermath course Algebraic Geometry 1. Basic algebra. The language of modules and categories (see for example the Intensive Course offered in mastermath). The mastermath course Commutative Algebra is (very much) recommended.

Aim of the course

To offer basic knowledge of sheaves, schemes and cohomology. We also intend to provide more background where needed and to discuss some applications.

Rules about Homework / Exam

40 % homework assignments, 60 % final written or oral exam.

    Lecture Notes / Literature

    (1) D. Mumford, The Red Book of Varieties and Schemes. Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1358. (2) R. Hartshorne, Algebraic Geometry. Springer Graduate Texts in Mathematics 52. (3) additional lecture notes that will be made available during the course.
    Both (1) and (2) are usually available as Springer e-book through the university networks. As for (1) and (2), we cover selected parts from Chapter II and III of (1), and from Chapter II and III of (2).


    prof. dr. C. Faber (UU), dr. R. de Jong (UL).