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This is the registration form to enter the Mastermath programme. Please fill out the correct information. Without the correct information grade registration will not be possible.


  • The 'Home address' consists of a street name, house number, postal code and city and should be a Dutch address.
  • For contract students please choose 'Overig' as university and as studentnumber please enter 'Contract' followed by your birthdate: ddmmyyyy (no dashes!).
  • For PhD students, please put PhD followed by your university in the student number box.
  • For students of the joint UvA-VU science program, please fill in the university and student number of the university to which you have paid the tuition fee. 
  • Voor contract studenten van de lerarenvakken, vul als universiteit in 'Overig' en als studentnummer 'Leraar' gevolgd door uw geboortedatum: ddmmyyyy (zonder streepjes!). Als je wel bij een universiteit staat ingeschreven vul dan hiervan de gegevens in!

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