Start of Mastermath Courses

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Start of Mastermath Courses
by Coordinator Mastermath - Friday, 7 September 2018, 2:31 PM

Dear students,  

Next week the Mastermath courses will start and I would like to inform you about the upcoming semester. The courses will start in week 37 (10 - 14 September)

Course enrollment: You can enroll for courses by self-enrollment on the course pages. Please disenroll for a course when you are no longer planning to follow that course. Course enrollment is open till the 1rst of October 2018. Exam registration: When you enroll for a course, you are automatically registered for the exam and re-exam. When you do not take the exam, it is not necessary to de-register for the exam. Course schedule: The course schedule can be found here: The classrooms can be found on the course page under the tab 'schedule' (after course registration). Travel declaration: Information about rules regarding declaring travel costs can be found here: Travel costs can be declared when you have to travel for a Mastermath course to another university than your home university. From academic year 2018-2019 travel cost can be declared through a digital form of the University of Amsterdam. Information on the procedure will be announced on the elo beginning of September. Contact: When you have questions you can contact Mastermath by emailing to: Use this email address to contact: Anita van der Laan (Student affairs and Secretariat) Eva Boerboom-Schuurmans (Coordinator Mastermath)

Kind regards,

Anita van der Laan

Student Affairs and Secretariat Mastermath

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