Responses to the Course Evaluations fall 2016 online

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Responses to the Course Evaluations fall 2016 online
by Coordinator Mastermath - Monday, 15 May 2017, 2:43 PM

Dear students,

For the courses in fall 2016 many of you filled out the evaluation forms. This information was send to the instructors and they have responded to your comments and suggestions. The responses of the instructors to the course evaluations of fall 2016 are now online on the ELO on the course pages.
Mastermath is working to be more transparent about the course evaluation process. We want to provide more insight into what happens to your feedback on Mastermath courses. We appreciate the feedback of our students and we strongly encourage you to also fill out the evaluation forms of the courses this spring 2017! The evaluation forms will be send out after the exams.
With kind regards,
Samira van der Loo
Administrative assistant Mastermath