- CW-complexes and singular homology to the extent treated in the Algebraic Topology 1 course taught in the fall; see the lectures notes by Steffen Sagave available at
- Point set topology and the fundamental group to the extent these topics were already used in the Algebraic Topology 1 course.
- Basis knowledge about algebra and categories to the extent that one is familiar with the concepts of rings, modules, their tensor product, functors and natural transformations; see for example the lecture notes "Modules and Categories" by Lenny Taelman, available at

Aim of the course
This course covers advanced topics in Algebraic Topology, which may vary from year to year and build on the foundations provided by the Algebraic Topology 1 course from the fall.
The topics covered in this edition of Algebraic Topology 2 are basics of cohomology groups, orientations of manifolds and Poincare-duality, fibrations and cofibrations, Eilenberg-Mac Lane spaces, and Steenrod squares.

  • Basics of cohomology groups
  • Orientations of manifolds and Poincare-duality
  • Fibrations and cofibrations
  • Eilenberg-Mac Lane spaces
  • Steenrod squares

- Lennart Meier (UU)
- Steffen Sagave (RU)