Travel Reimbursement

Travel costs: rules and instructions for reimbursement

Reimbursement of your travel costs takes place at the financial department of Leiden University. Here is the Digital Reimbursement Form. A new window will open from Leiden University. Please click on the form Statement of Expenses. This is an online form, which means, you can fill it in, attach your tickets, and send it directly to the financial department by clicking the button 'save and submit'. If files are unreadable or corrupted the FSSC will contact the applicant. A completed expense claim will help the FSSC process the payment quicker. Reimbursement takes approximately 3 weeks. 

When using the digital reimbursement form, please make sure that:

  • In the field "SAP number", the following number is mentioned: 2009007801.
  • In the field "
  • In the field "Description of costs", you specify the course you have traveled for. Please declare the travel costs per course and not per individual trip.
  • In case you have purchased a discount card (see the rules below), you can also specify the costs in the field  "Description of the costs".
  • You attach a scan of your tickets or a travel overview of your OV-chipcard. You can also attach a receipt of your discount card.
  • If you do NOT have a social security number (in Dutch: Burger Service Nummer), please change the "Country" of your address to something other than The Netherlands, even if you do live in The Netherlands. Please also mention in the "Remarks" section that you have changed the country because you do not have a Dutch BSN. This will make it possible for the financial department to process your form.

We urge Dutch students to apply for a "week OV-studentenkaart", because our Programme has limited means for reimbursing travel expenses. This is a link to apply for a personal OV-chipcard for traveling with public transport in the Netherlands.

The following rules apply to the reimbursement of travel expenses:

  • You must be registered for the course on the dates you are requesting reimbursement for;
  • Only costs for traveling from the city of the home university of the student to the venue of a course will be reimbursed (train ticket and costs for bus/metro/tram in the city where the course will take place);
  • In case you want to travel from another city than your home university city, travel costs will only be reimbursed when the costs are less and if this is requested in advance by sending an email to
  • Reimbursement will be calculated on a base of traveling by public transportation, second class and use of the registered OV;
  • Please note that travel by car will not be reimbursed.
  • There is no reimbursement for travel expenses for courses that take place in the city of the home university;
  • students have to submit their train tickets and/or list of transactions paid by OV-Chipcard (please note that you need a registered/personal OV-chipcard);
  • In your OV-chipcard overview, ONLY show the train/bus travel done for Mastermath courses and no personal travels. OV-chipcard overviews that include personal travels will be refused. Here you can find information on how to create an OV-chipcard overview: OV-chipcard overview
  • In case the price of a reduction card is less than the difference of normally priced train tickets and reduced train tickets used to attend mastermath courses, the student can apply for reimbursement of the NS-discount card. You can specify the costs in the digital reimbursement form;  
  • PhD students cannot apply for reimbursement for travel expenses;
  • studenten voor de lerarenvakken maken geen aanspraak op reiskostenvergoeding.
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