Rules and Guidelines 2019 onwards 

Evaluation Mastermath

During the academic year 2016-2017 the evaluation of Mastermath (as a whole) was executed. The report can be found here: Evaluation Report Mastermath (written in Dutch, summary in English).

General information
Here is an outline of the organization of the mastermath classes:

  • Monday: lectures of 3TU+ (the Technical Universities and Dept of Technical Maths of Groningen University), LNMB (Dutch Network of Mathematics and Operations Research), DISC (Dutch Network of Systems and Control),  and  the group Logic.
  • Tuesday: lectures of the cluster DIAMANT (Discrete Interactive and Algorithmic Mathematics, algebra and Number Theory) and the cluster NDNS+ (Nonlinear Dynamics of Natural Systems)
  • Wednesday: lectures of the cluster GQT (Geometry and Quantum Theory), the cluster STAR (Stochastics, Theoretical and Applied Research), and the group Numerical Mathematics
  • Thursday: lectures for PhD students of the research school WONDER (mnemonic device: Donderdag Wonderdag)


The lectures of the Dutch master's degree programme in mathematics are open to all students who are registered in one of the master's programmes in mathematics of the Dutch universities. There is no additional fee.

Students must register for courses of the Dutch Master programme. Timely notification of results and grades is only guaranteed if the student is registered. Registration for Fall semester courses will end October 1st and registration for Spring semester courses will end March 1st.

The Programme
The programme of courses is decided upon by the Regieorgaan. The Regieorgaan consists of all the local directors of master programmes in mathematics. The joint courses offer the students the highest quality of instruction and open opportunities for interaction with students of other institutes of mathematics. For students who intend to pursue a PhD after completing their Master programme the joint programme widens the range of options open to them.
The Universities of Technology (at Delft, Eindhoven, Twente) have a programme that is different from that of the other universities.  All students may choose courses from both programmes. The study load for the courses of the universities of technology is 6 ECTS each, the study load for the courses of the other universities is 8 ECTS each.

The universities of technology (3TU)
The universities of technology are formally united in an alliance. The master of mathematics programmes are organized along the same lines. A part of the programme consists of the orientation courses, of 6 ECTS each. The student must make a choice of 2 out of 6 orientation courses. The orientation courses are Discrete Optimization, Continuous Optimization, Systems and Control, Applied Statistics, Stochastic Differential Equations and Applied Finite Elements. The orientation courses of the Technical Universities are scheduled on Monday at the Universiteit Utrecht.

The Dutch Network on the mathematics of Operations Research (LNMB)
Several of the orientation courses of the master programmes of the universities of technology are offered in cooperation with the LNMB (acronym for Landelijk Netwerk Mathematische Besliskunde (Dutch Network on the Mathematics of Operations Research)). The courses offered by the LNMB are Discrete Optimization, Continuous Optimization, Heuristic Methods in Operations Research, Advanced Linear Programming, Scheduling, and Queueing Theory. The study load of each course of the LNMB is 6 ECTS. The courses of the LNMB are scheduled on Monday at the Universiteit van Utrecht.

The general programme
The Dutch Universities offer a wide variety of joint courses in mathematics. The study load of each of the joint courses is 8 ECTS. Each master student in mathematics is required to take a total of at least 30 ECTS of Mastermath courses.

Exams and grades
The student must take the exam in the period immediately following the class meetings. The grades are filed with the central administration of the Dutch master Programme which notifies the administration of the student’s university of the grade. For this reason students have to register for the courses at Mastermath.

Reimbursement of travel costs
Students can claim reimbursement of the travel expenses. See the rules for reimbursement at the top of this page.

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