The classes for Mastermath are at the following locations:

Universiteit Utrecht, De Uithof:

Click here for a route description to De Uithof by public transport. Click here for a map of De Uithof.
Classes are in
the Minnaert building (MIN) at Leuvenlaan 4,
the Victor J. Koningsberger building (KBG), Budapestlaan 4a-b
the Buys Ballot Laboratory (BBG) at Princetonplein 5,
the Bestuursgebouw, van Lier en Egginkzaal (bestuurs lieregg) at Heidelberglaan 8,
the David de Wied building (DDW) at Universiteitsweg 99,
the Marinus Ruppert building (Ruppert) at Leuvenlaan 21,
the Willem C van Unnik building (Unnik) at Heidelberglaan 2,
the Educatorium building (EDU) at Leuvenlaan 19,
the Martinus G. de Bruin building (BESTUUR) at Yalelaan 7,
the Androclus building (ANDRO) at Yalelaan 1,
the Prof.dr. H. Jakob building at Yalelaan 108, entrance to classroom at Munsterlaan 7
or the Mathematics building (Hans Freudentahl Building, HFG) at Budapestlaan 6.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

De Boelelaan 1081/1085, Mathematics & Sciences WN-building:
Click here for a map of the campus. The entrance of the Mathematics & Sciences building is at Boelelaan 1081 or 1085. The other entrances are only accessible for students and employees of the VU.

Classes are in the Mathematics & Sciences building (WN),
or in the Main building (Hoofdgebouw, HG).

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Science Park 904:
Click here for a map of Science Park, Amsterdam.

IWO Rood/Geel - Meibergdreef 29, 1105 AZ Amsterdam-Zuidoost
JWS - James Wattstraat 78, 1097 AD Amsterdam

Universiteit Leiden

Niels Bohrweg 1. 
Click here for a map.  

Universiteit Twente

Drienerlolaan 5, Enschede:
Click here for a map of the campus and route description.

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Faculteit Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences
Postbus 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven
Bezoekersadres: de Lismortel, Eindhoven

Click here for a map of the campus.

CNT = Connector, at Het Eeuwsel

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Heijendaalseweg 135
Classes are in the Huygens Building (HG) at Heyendaalseweg 135.

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